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          Neom: Natural Fragrances For The Mind & Body


          Natural fragrance and wellbeing brand Neom is renowned for its organic beauty products and beautiful smelling candles, all of which have incredible therapeutic benefits. From bath oils and foams to lotions, oils and scrubs, the whole range is 100% natural, where possible organic, filled with pure essential oil blends and packaged beautifully - and we love them all! You can choose from scents to make you happy; calm & relaxed; help you sleep; instantly de-stress and boost energy, so there's sure to be a fragrance or product to suit your needs. Our favourite at the moment is the Great Day, Intensive Mood Lifting roll-on, which, paired with an energy boosting baobab smoothie, gets us raring to go for the day ahead!

          According to Neom, stress levels of women is a national problem and is one of the main reasons behind the creation of the brand. We caught up with the founder, Nicola, to find out more about her inspiration for Neom and why she feels so passionately about health and wellbeing:

          How was Neom born and why were you inspired to create a brand that champions natural and organic products?

          Back when I was working as a magazine journalist, I was working crazy 60-hour weeks and often weekends on top. Although it was fun, it was intense and non-stop. I really started to struggle with everything. My moods were all over the place and the fast-paced life really took its toll. I was feeling constantly anxious and stressed.

          And it wasn’t just me. I was surrounded by women who felt the same - they were either having problems with lack of energy or sleeping badly, or were just generally in need of a mood boost. I had started training as an aromatherapist and nutritionist after work, so I started creating little essential oil blends and tinctures for them. It was really obvious to me from the beginning that my products had to be 100% natural and, where possible, organic to actually work. It’s all about the purity of the essential oils, the complexity of the blends and the highest level of inclusion.

          At the same time, my sister was having trouble sleeping. She is a staunch ‘greeny’ and was working for Friends Of The Earth - she only ever uses organic products. So I made her a blend and called it ‘Tranquillity’ and it really helped her. My next lightbulb moment was when I was looking for some organic pampering gifts, again for my very green-minded but glamorous sister. Eleven years ago, what was available to buy in the shops was pretty uninspiring. I had to either choose something glam that was full of synthetic chemicals or head to a health food shop, buy something with great organic credentials but stuffed in a brown paper bag!  

          Nicola Elliot  Neom Founder Nicola Elliot

          Why is scent so powerful when it comes to emotions/ how we feel? How does it work on a scientific level? 

          With regards to the scent of essential oils, an essential oil is a complex compound of chemical constituents taken from a single plant source that is volatile, so it evaporates easily and hits your limbic system which is your 'emotional' brain. 

          Essential oils are really powerful as they work both on the emotional and physical level. We are born with no memory of smells but this quickly develops as you get older, so for example we will be able to remember summer time when we smell freshly cut grass, or memories from childhood. When you inhale essential oils it is a really powerful medium and can affect how you feel in 3-7 minutes, so our body learns quickly whether we like or dislike an aroma, by the release of hormones.  

          Which Neom Organics product is your favourite?

          It’s near impossible to pick a favourite fragrance, as the science behind the Neom fragrances are that you will probably want to use all them all at different times, because each of our blends does its own job. From blends which de-stress, help you sleep, calm and relax, to boosting your energy and lifting your mood, depending on what your body and mind are telling you is where you will most likely be drawn.

          I do love Neom’s proven 3-step Scent to Sleep Regime though. It contains 3 of our Tranquillity products, a blend of English lavender, jasmine and basil, which we expertly twisted together for one purpose: a great night’s sleep. Lavender has been proven in countless studies to help you ease into a deep and restful slumber. You simply light the Tranquillity candle 1-2 hours before bed and inhale the deeply relaxing aroma, take a 40° bath with the Tranquillity foam or oil (depending on which kit you’ve purchased) and soak up and inhale the blend. Finally, spritz your pillow and bed linen with the Tranquillity Room & Pillow Mist, by now the oils will take instant effect and will keep emitting the scent throughout the night.

          Check out the full range on the Neom Organics website.


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