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          Simona Skodova

          Aduna Feel Good Triber Simona Skodova

          Simona Skodova is a young blogger from Slovakia whose passion is nutritious and delicious food. She follows the latest cooking and baking trends and loves experimenting in the kitchen. She also sells her healthy homemade snacks at various food festivals and markets in Bratislava, Slovakia.

          We caught up with Simona to find out a bit more about her, her inspirations and motivations: 

          Describe yourself in a sentence...I am a young, passionate health foodie and lover of all things active. I love challenges and trying new things.

          My love for food began...I've been interested in all aspects of healthy eating and nutrition for the last 3 years but  my real commitment to following a healthy diet began after I overcame anorexia. My past hatred of food has completely reversed!

          My idea of food heaven is...Lots of fresh and healthy food but what I like most is a simple bowl of lots of fruit, baobab, cacao and yoghurt all mixed together. I also adore fruit smoothies and can never resist a homemade almond flour brownie with strawberries! 

          My Feel Good advice...Always do what you like and what makes you happy. Keep your friends and family close. Exercise regularly. Eat nutritious food but make sure you indulge from time to time. Live every day to the full. 

          I am inspired by...My greatest life inspiration is my mum, who always shows me the right direction, never lets me down and supports me in whatever I'm doing and what
          I want to do. 

          Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? It's such a difficult choice...but if I had to choose, Baobab would be my winner. I add it to nearly all my meals and cannot get enough of its taste and really appreciate its positive effect on my digestion and energy levels. 

          Check out Simona's blog and Instagram page for healthy recipe inspiration. 

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