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          Top DIY Natural Beauty Recipes

          Aduna Beauty Recipe Collage

          What we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our mouth. Sadly, many mainstream beauty products are filled with chemicals which can get absorbed into our bloodstream, causing adverse effects on our health. There is an alternative - which is simply to make your own beauty products, using nature's own super-ingredients. If you can eat it, you know it doesn't contain any nasties! 

          We've put together our favourite homemade beauty recipes that take moments to make using ingredients you already have in the kitchen (super-charged with our superfoods of course) that will rejuvenate your skin and your complexion the natural way. 

          Moringa Soothing After-Sun Mask 

          Aduna Moringa After-Sun Mask

          Bursting with skin-loving ingredients, this natural after-sun mask will intensely hydrate and soothe your skin to leave you glowing from head to toe. 

          Baobab, Coconut & Honey Lip Balm 

          Aduna Lip Balm

          Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips! This super simple recipe takes no time at all to make and will ensure your lips feel smooth and hydrated whatever the weather. 

          Super-Cacao, coffee & coconut sugar scrub 

          Aduna Cacao Scrub

          Coffee and cacao are a match made in heaven...but not just in the kitchen! This amazing natural exfoliator will help wake up your skin and get rid of any lumps and bumps (whilst also making your bathroom smell divine). 

          Moringa & Coconut Detoxing Foot Scrub 

          Aduna Moringa Foot Scrub

          This is the perfect way to show your hardworking and often neglected feet a little TLC! Made up of just 3 simple and nourishing ingredients, this detoxing scrub will make your feet smooth and ready for those flip flops in no time. 

          For more inspiration on how to include our vibrant super-ingredients in your beauty regime, check out our recipes page. 

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