Healthy Super-Cacao Bars

          Aduna Super-Cacao Healthy Mars Bars

          These indulgent treats by Feel Good Triber Kaja are packed full of healthy fats and are totally delicious. Completely vegan, raw and free from any refined sugar, they are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and make the perfect afternoon pick-me-up or pre/post workout snack. 

          Serves 10-12


          For the nougat:
          1/2 cup cashews (soaked for 3+hours & drained)
          1/2 cup almonds (soaked for 3+hours & drained)
          3 tbsp maple syrup
          2 tbsp coconut oil
          1/2 tsp vanilla powder

          For the caramel:
          1/2 cup almond butter
          1/3 cup coconut oil
          1/2 cup maple syrup
          2 tbsp vanilla powder
          A pinch of pink Himalayan salt 

          For the chocolate:
          1/3 cup Aduna Super-Cacao powder
          1/2 cup coconut oil
          1/4 cup maple syrup
          A pinch of pink Himalayan salt


          Place all the nougat ingredients together in a food processor and mix until smooth.

          Spread the nougat base in a small slice tin lined with baking paper and freeze while you make the caramel. 

          Place all the caramel ingredients in a saucepan and whisk together over a medium heat (for about 5-10 minutes).

          Pour the caramel over the nougat base and use a spatula to distribute it evenly over the top.

          Transfer to the freezer to set for at least 2 hours before you cut them into rectangle pieces.

          Whisk all the chocolate ingredients together in a bowl.

          Dip the bars in the chocolate mixture and place them on a wire rack.

          Store them in the fridge.


          Recipe by @kajaand

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